PHONE: 610-284-1606

Boards and Commissions

Residents Wanted to Serve on Boards and Commissions

Yeadon Borough Council is looking for interested residents to volunteer to serve on Borough boards and commissions. Residents who are interested in serving on the Planning Commission, Historical Commission, and Civil Service Commission should send a letter of interest along with a resume to the Borough Manager at

Zoning Hearing Board

Meets the 4th Monday of the month, as needed.


Term ends

Cliff Brock, Chair December 31, 2014
Ollin Boyd December 31, 2015
Lacy Wheeler December 21, 2016
Rev. Rohan Hepkins December 31, 2017
Vacant December 31, 2013
John Innelli, Solicitor Term does not expire

Historical Commission

Alvin Holm, Chair
William Mellix, Vice Chair
Kelli Cave, Secretary
Don Cave
Dolores Jones-Butler
Donna Samuel
Judson Sumbler

For more information on the Historical Commission contact the Borough Hall at 610-284-1606.

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