Happy Flag Day, Yeadon!

Although we are experiencing a gradual return to normal from the pandemic, the uncertainty of the last few months prevented the borough from planning for the usual Flag Day festivities and ceremonies that the holiday traditionally marks in Yeadon. As the hometown of Flag Day founder Thomas Kerr, Yeadon has been proud to host a celebration for the entire community annually each year since 1949 – a tradition interrupted only once, by the pandemic in 2020, and again this year in 2021.

In lieu of an in-person celebration this year, please enjoy these Flag Day moments from years’ past. Be safe, stay healthy, and please — get vaccinated! We look forward to 2022, when an even bigger and better celebration of this special day for Yeadon — and for all Americans — returns to Kerr Field.

Message from Mayor Rohan Hepkins

Borough Council Vice President Ronald Francis and Recreation Director Roy Hunter

William Kerr – Grandson of Flag Day Founder Thomas Kerr

Flag Day 2019 Videos

Photos: Flag Day 2019