Yeadon Borough Historical Commission

  • Kelli Cave, Chair
  • Richard E. Ashby, Jr.
  • Alvin Holm
  • Dolores Jones-Butler
  • William Mellix, Vice Chair
  • Donna Samuel, Secretary
  • Rufus Stokes

The Yeadon Historical Society will identify historically significant buildings and sites/areas appropriately classified with respect to National, State or Local significance. To designate historical districts within Yeadon borough. To protect and promote historic resources, buildings and areas.

To accomplish this mission, the Commission shall provide, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Research, compile and maintain an inventory of the borough’s historic assets
  2. Encourage community awareness and interest in Yeadon’s historic heritage and maintain a presence on the Internet in conjunction with the borough’s website in order to promote preservation of those assets
  3. Advise the borough in all matters pertaining to historical assets
  4. Protect and enhance the borough’s attractiveness to visitors

For more information on the Yeadon Borough Historical Commission contact Kelli Cave at

Annual Reports

2018 Historical Commission Annual Report
2017 Historical Commission Annual Report
2016 Historical Commission Annual Report