Mayor Rohan K. Hepkins seems to think this screaming outburst from Councilwoman LaToya Monroe is funny. But it’s no laughing matter to have outbursts, disruption and disorder at council meetings.


Fact Checking Councilwoman LaToya Monroe’s statements on the death of Shawn Morcho who died in Yeadon police custody:
“I can’t find the mayor! … He ain’t never kill nobody … [Council President] Sharon [Council-Harris] did. The blood is on her hands …” 7/21/22

Fact Check:

It’s true that Mayor Rohan K. Hepkins is responsible for overseeing the police department. But instead of shouting “I can’t find the mayor” to find out what happened to Shawn Morcho, why didn’t Councilwoman Monroe just turn to her left and ask the mayor? He’s literally sitting just two chairs away from her.
Perhaps just as strange is that after yelling she can’t locate the mayor to get answers about Shawn’s death, she emphatically blames his death on the council president.
If she doesn’t know what happened to Shawn because she “can’t find the mayor” to get answers, how can she say his death is the fault of the council president? There is simply no truth to Monroe’s claims about the president of the borough council.

“I don’t wanna hear you! … You can’t talk to me! … YOU be quiet!” Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud 6/16/22

Watch Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud yell at a Yeadon resident during June’s council meeting in what many are calling a “hostile” and “disgusting” display from the councilwoman. Residents say this kind of behavior causes them not to attend council meetings.

“I’m not finished! I’m not finished! … I am not done!” Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud disrupting the Council vote after not getting her way. 7/27/22

Watch the councilwoman jump out of her Council seat and stand in the middle of the Council floor shouting over the Council president as she is calling for a vote.

“You bout as dumb as a … I am sick of you!” Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud 7/27/22

Listen to the way Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud addressed Council Vice President Learin Johnson at Council’s July legislative meeting. Our community should not be subjected to these outbursts and lack of decorum. Judging by her choice of language and tone of voice, one might think Councilwoman Roadcloud was somewhere on the street instead of at a Council meeting in Borough Hall.

“I want to get to the business so I can go and do what I need to do — I have a life.” Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud 4/1/22

Councilwoman Roadcloud: If you really want to get to Council business please stop shouting at the Council President and disrupting her remarks to the Mayor.

“This is a Friday night — I really don’t feel like being here.”
Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud 4-1-22

h4>Excuse us Councilwoman but it’s your job to attend Council meetings — even on Friday nights.

Councilwoman Liana Roadcloud: Jumping out of your seat, standing up, shouting repeatedly and waving your finger at the Council President demonstrate the kind of disruptive behavior that turns residents off and keeps them from coming out to Council meetings. 4-1-22

Even when the Council president gave the solicitor the floor to remind all Council members of decorum standards, Councilwoman Roadcloud continued with her disruptions. 4/1/22