Operation House Call: A Message from the Chief of Police

Anthony Paparo

Hey Yeadon Residents! Who remembers back in the day when you could call the doctor and he/she came to your home and made you feel better?

Well, I’m not a doctor, but I have an idea. I call it Operation House Call. Here’s what I’m thinking. Too often the only time people have contact with police it’s negative; because they are in trouble, are having a problem that they need our intervention with to help, or they may be a victim of a crime or accident.

So here’s what I’m offering you – the residents of this town that I call home too: Instead of coffee with a cop where you have to come to me, how about I make a house-call to you when you want to voice a concern, get to meet me or say hello, have a question about police, or even think you might want to do a ride-a-long with me?

I am frequently on patrol, so why not give you access to your department that you might not be used to. So if you just want to talk, have a question, have a concern, are interested in a ride-a-long, anything, I want you to have a positive experience with us.

On those days that I am available, because I do take off every now and then (LOL), I will post that Operation House Call is in effect. Once you see that post, send me a private message with your address or phone, a good time to stop by, and I will respond back as soon as I get it, and stop by to meet you! Let’s do something positive together, because I truly believe that together we can do great and positive things.

What do you think Yeadonites, are you ready for a House Call?