Yeadon Mourns The Passing of Dr. Harris-Edwards

The Flag is currently being flown at half-staff (until June 10) in honor of one of our iconic leaders of the Yeadon Community who recently passed away: Dr. Harris-Edwards.

Apostle Dr. Carolina Harris-Edwards was the chair of the Yeadon Democratic Committee for fourteen years, then Chair of the Yeadon Republican Committee for sixteen years.

Many of our current Democratic Leaders were trained and supported under her leadership.  She was also a civil rights activist who trained under the late Hardy Williams and Lucien Blackwell.  She was also the founder and leader of the African-Caribbean PAC.

She was also a Yeadonite for over 35 years; a native of Panama, and adopted the United States and chose Yeadon as her home until her passing.  Her contributions to our Yeadon Community will always be remembered as she helped Yeadon become the functioning community it is today.

Mayor Hepkins