The Borough consists of tree-lined streets with small scale homes and well landscaped historic neighborhoods. There are distinct areas for industry, office use, restaurants, and shopping. Today’s Yeadon is recognized for its racial and cultural diversity. Located within the Borough are public and private schools, churches of various denominations, and a public library.

The Yeadon Borough Council and Mayor meet in workshop meetings on the second Thursday of most months (excluding Summer months) and in legislative meetings on the third Thursday of each month. Beginning in 2017 the workshop meetings will start at 6:30 pm and the legislative meetings will begin at 7:30 as usual in Borough Hall.

If we can be of service to you please call or visit during working hours at Borough Hall, Baily Road and Church Lane, Yeadon, PA.

Events throughout the year, Yeadon Borough hosts a number of community events from Flag Day to Community Day. Come out, bring the family and engage with your friends and neighbors

BOROUGH HALL CLOSED TODAY -Administrative offices are closed due to inclement weather.

CAUCUS MEETING CANCELLED: Due to inclement weather.

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