Code Officer Position Available

Code Officer

A code enforcement officer is responsible for evaluating private properties and public grounds against local codes, responding to citizen reports, answering citizen questions about the codes, issuing citations for code violations, performing field inspections, and evaluating new construction or renovation projects. Some code enforcement officers are certified police or peace officers. Certified or not, code enforcement officers work to maintain an attractive, safe community, which helps improve both property values and the quality of life of those in the community.

Job duties for code enforcement officers; include but are not limited to, the following:

1. All issues reported on any property in the Borough;

2. Any grass, trash, snow or complaint that is reported;

3. Any wintertime snow issue, such as sidewalks that are not cleared of snow with 24 hours after a snowfall ends;

4. Any issues on any private property or business property; and

5. Any abandoned vehicle on private property, which means any vehicle without legal tags or up-to-date inspections, as well as any vehicle with flat tires, damaged windshields, and containing any damage that results in the vehicle being unroadworthy.

This is a full-time position with benefits. Applications are available online or in person at Yeadon Borough, 600 Church Lane Yeadon, PA 19050. Yeadon Borough is always accepting applications.