Free Program Available to Help with Stormwater Management at Your Home

Stormwater House Calls

The Stream Smart Stormwater House Call program creates opportunities for improved stormwater management on private property in densely urbanized watersheds where most of the land area is occupied by single-family homes. Our program will help educate you on stormwater pollution and provide an opportunity to have a stormwater audit/assessment of your property.

The audit/assessment will identify changes you can take to reduce stormwater runoff leaving your property. Each audit/assessment will provide owners with a detailed report regarding the current stormwater situation on the property, and the various best management practices you can take to reduce this impact.

The audits/assessments are provided by representatives from one or more than one of the following organizations depending upon where you live. You are welcome to call the contact person noted for your watershed organization to get more information about the Stream Smart program.

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